What Is Extraction Facial?

Updated: Jan 9

At Chez Grace, we provide Extraction Facial to our clients. Here are the steps to a Extraction Facial in Chez Grace.

1. Consultation.

2. Cleansing.

3. Skin Analysis.

4. Exfoliation.

5. Steam.

6. Extraction- blackhead removal.

7. Facial Equipment.

8. Lymphatics drainage detoxifying facial massage.

9. Facial Mask.

10. Final application toner, serum, moisturiser and sunscreen.

The principle of extraction facial is to use pressure to squeeze acne, pustules, nodules and cysts and other acne, so that garbage sebum, bacteria, dust and other substances in the acne are discharged. Generally, beauty salons use needles to clear the acne. The needle is used to directly pierce the thinnest part of the acne skin, and then squeeze it with a circulator tools to discharge sebum waste, pus, and congestion.

Extraction Facial

Extraction is a method we often hear about, but if this method is not mastered well, it is likely to make acne worse. Because of the occurrence of acne, there are different types. Many improper needles to clear acne not only fail to heal, but also make the skin sensitive and damage the skin.Some people go to unprofessional beauty therapist, The process can be said to be unbearable pain, usually after the extraction facial, the face is red and swollen. So how can we correct the blackhead extraction procedure, reduce the chance of scars, and make the skin healthier and glowing?

1. Seek professional beauty therapist to remove acne, blackhead.

Correctly blackhead extraction will not aggravate the occurrence of acne marks and acne pits, and it will also make the acne disappear more easily. However, many method of blackhead extraction is incorrect, especially the operation methods of some beauty salons or skin care professionals, or our own blackhead extraction methods will affect the production of acne marks and acne pits. Looking for a professional skin care and professional beauty therapist for extraction facial can speed up the skin metabolism and make the acne disappear quickly.

2. Not all acne is suitable for extraction facial. Extraction facial needs to be divided into types.

Extraction facial is not suitable for acne that has been inflamed, but suitable for fully mature acne. That is to say, the acne has just turned into a white abscess, and it feels soft to the touch, and it is easy to squeeze out the secretion after the puncture. This kind of acne can be said to be completely painless, but sometimes it will break up by itself after a sleep or wash your face.

3. Need to pay attention to the safety of needles to clear acne, blackhead extraction. The needles used must disposable.

Needle extraction is easy to bleed, and if there is no sterilised needle, it is easy to cause infection. So go to formal beauty salon, professional sterilised extraction tools are more trustworthy, of course, Needles for blackhead extraction must disposable.

4. Pay attention to the recovery of acne after removing acne

Generally, after extraction facial to remove acne, it is necessary to do post-acne repair. It can be a soothing and restorative moisturising mask, or it can be an anti-inflammatory . It can also be irradiated with red and blue light, which directly stimulates the regeneration of collagen under the epidermis and also has a good effect on acne.

5. In addition to external acne removal, you may need to pay attention to internal regulation.

Acne removal is not a single project, it needs to be adjusted together with one's diet, sleep, exercise, mentality, etc. Drink more water, ensure enough sleep, eat less spicy food, and use effective skin care. I believe that acne removal will be successful.

I hope everyone treats extraction facial rationally and not blindly. Try to use mild methods as much as possible to adjust your own state to avoid the growth of acne.

Extraction facial

Chez Grace

3rd January 2022

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