Confusing About Extraction Facial

The skin condition is unstable during the season changing, and it is inevitable that there will be whitehead, blackhead, acne and other problems, and many people will choose extraction facial to solve it, but is facial extraction the best solution for blackheads/acne? Here are 7 confusing about blackhead extraction, I hope you will no longer be troubled by skin/acne problems!

[About Facial Extraction]

Facial extraction used special needles and tools to remove blackheads and acne. From the top of the acne or expand the opening of the acne, the clogged pores and other substances are discharged in the form of squeezing or scraping.

[The role of Facial Extraction]

Compared with using the hands directly, needles can prevent bacteria from the hands from being brought to the wound, and the extraction can help to expel the sebaceous bacteria in the acne , which can speed up the resolution of inflammation and the speed of acne healing.

[Suitable for Facial Extraction]

Most of the facial extraction is only used for general blackheads and acne that has already appeared whiteheads, but don't give pressure too much , otherwise it may leave scars. If you are familiar with the use of needles, it can also be used on mature acne with pus, using needles to squeeze out the pus.

[Not suitable for facial extraction]

In fact, facial extraction is not suitable for all conditions. some acne can wait for it to disappear on its own. Using facial extraction specifically may cause scars. And acne without pus and hard, is also not suitable for facial extraction, it might cause scarring. Inflammatory redness, swelling, acne, cysts, sensitivity and other skin problems, it is recommended that a professional beauty therapist make a decision based on the actual situation.

[Consequences of improper facial extraction]

Although the use of needle can avoid bringing bacteria to the face with hands, there are still many consequences that affect the skin. If the needle is not properly disinfected, it may cause bacterial infection, and the triangle area is more likely to cause intracranial infection, so special attention should be paid to the cleaning and disinfection of the needle. At the same time, if you are not proficient in the technique, you may also leave acne marks or scars, which will take longer to disappear. Therefore,even it is only a minor problem, it is recommended have facial extraction in a professional beauty salon, so as not to damage the skin.

[Precautions after facial extraction]

If you really need to use needle , extraction tools to deal with blackheads? For acne and other problems, the needles,extraction tools and hands must be disinfected and cleaned. At the same time, after the facial extraction, put ointment on the wound to prevent infection. Daily care and sun protection should also be done to avoid acne on the same area over and over again. The most important thing is to change daily habits and develop good skin condition.

Chez Grace

3rd January 2022

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